We have plenty of surfboards for you to choose from in all sizes and shapes. Our quiver is constantly growing so we might have new surfboards available that are not listed on our website. Feel free to reach out and ask for a surfboard type you want that is not listed here.

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What’s your surfing skill? Let us give you free advice with our local knowledge and point you in the right direction.

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Waiver of Liability and Release of Claims for Personal Injury, Property Damage or Other Legal or Equitable Claims

I hereby acknowledge that Surfing / Paddle boarding or and any ocean activity is A POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS ACTIVITY and involves the risk of serious injury and / or death or property damage. I further acknowledge that BOCAS STOKED MONKEYS rents surfboards and ocean activity equipment and does not provide instruction, guidance, or any information regarding any activity involving the rental equipment and its intended use. I agree the BOCAS STOKED MONKEYS is in no way liable for any injury or property dame caused by my activity. BOCAS STOKED MONKEYS is acting as a facilitator and providing only the equipment needed to perform or participate in the said activity. I understand that signing this document constitutes a complete and unconditional release of all liability and rick of personal injury or property damage in regards to the rental. I declare that I can swim 50m unassisted. I also declare I do not have any medical condition that would affect my participation in this activity. I authorise BOCAS STOKED MONKEYS to arrange medical or hospital treatment as necessary and I agree to pay all associated costs.

When engaging in the rental use of the company equipment, I agree to accept all responsibility to maintain the condition and whereabouts of all the equipment rented for the entire rental period and to pay all repairs and/or replacement costs for any damages or theft that may occur to equipment during the rental period. Should I damage a surfboard, I agree to pay a surfboard damage fee of $15/Inch (Maximum limit of liability for damage is $600 surfboards, $800 fun boards or mini-malls, $1,000 for long boards. Should the rental become lost or stolen the maximum liability limit will be taken.

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